NCC Group of Companies Receives Two Nunavut Business Achievement Awards

Published on October 9, 2014

Greg Cayen, President of Nunasi Corporation and NCC Investment Group was awarded the Business Person of the Year at the Nunavut Business Achievement Awards in recognition for the work he has lead with Nunasi, NCC and the Nunavut Business Credit Corporation.

NCC Development Limited, a division of NCC Investment Group, was awarded the Business of the Year. NCC Development saw a record year of construction across the territory including the construction of the ulu shaped heritage centre in Kugluktuk that was recently opened.


Last night was a great one for our organization. Our company was honored twice at the Nunavut Business Achievement Awards last
night in Iqaluit. Our leader Greg was honored with business person of the year, a very well deserved recognition for all he has done for NCC, Nunasi, NBCC the community and Nunavut as a whole. Further to this NCC Development Limited was also honored as Business of the year. It was a very humbling night to say the least and a joy that our entire group is proud of. We have such a strong group of people in properties and developments and just one big family that all has each others back. Mary also recieved our sponsorship award and was recogonized for her 16 years of service and she has promised for many more to come. Mary has been and will be the longest serving employee for our company for many years to come. Naomi is also nearing an anniversary date and will soon be proud to say she has 10 years of service as well. We have a strong team that not only has experience but history that is so valuable in doing our day to day business. Please note that missing from the photo are Brent, Karl, Alice and Billy who
are also a very large part of our team. I was so lucky in 2005 when Brent called me to offer me a job with the company and ensured I stayed. It is too bad that Brent and the rest of the team could not be there last night to share in the excitement but they are all just as proud as we are today. On behalf of all the managers and staff at the NCC Group of companies I would like to extend a huge thanks to our board of directors and our shareholders for supporting us through all of the good and bad times, and allowing us to represent them and deliver on the vision and mission that this company was intended to do since its inception. Thank you Clarence Synard


Greg Cayen receives the Business Person the the
Year Award from Ike Haulli, President BRCC and the Honorable George Kuksuk, Minister of Economic Development and Transportation