About Nunasi

Vision Statement

Nunasi’s vision is to maximize profits for our shareholders and to create training, employment, and economic opportunities for Inuit of Nunavut so they obtain the knowledge and experience that will enable them to have greater economic independence.

Mission Statement

Nunasi Corporation is committed to creating wealth for Nunavummiut. Nunasi will enhance our shareholders’ investment portfolios through quality business investments. Nunasi supports our shareholders strategic priorities for employment and training, respect for the environment and cultural, social and economic advancement of Inuit.

Nunasi Corporation is a 100 % Inuit owned and Nunavut owned business Development Company.

In 1976 the Inuit Tapiriit of Canada created the Inuit Development Corporation (now known as Nunasi Corporation). The corporation was created with the purpose of supporting Inuit take a prominent place in commerce.

Today, Nunasi has investments in construction, transportation, retail, logistics, expediting, bulk fuel storage and supply, medical boarding homes, digital communications and manufacturing.

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